Tips for smooth running

On any computer, there are a number of factors that can affect the way any program runs.  The following tips (in no particular order) will help to keep your Pirform running as smoothly as possible on your computer.

Remove unused programs

Other programs that run when your computer starts up can affect the whole performance of your machine.  Uninstalling any that you are not using.  Read more here:

Disable startup programs

Some programs automatically start in the background when your computer starts.  Review these and disable (or remove) any you don't need.  Read more here:

Restart Pirform (don't just close the lid)

Make sure you close Pirform before you close the lid on your laptop.  This will allow the program to release any locks it has on its database files and get fresh memory for the next time you start using it.  Pirform will also take a backup of your data when you close it (you can adjust that from Pirform Options).  

Close other programs

If your computer is running slower then you'd expect, close other programs that you have running whilst working in Pirform so that it can access your computer without having to compete with other software.

Be safe - backup online

You can replace a computer and reinstall your programs, but you can't so easily replace your certificates.  Pirform lets you backup your certificates online for free using Dropbox (or similar).  Read how to do that here:

Professional maintenance or upgrade

If you're not getting the best out of your computer, try taking it to a computer professional for maintenance.  Alternatively, consider upgrading to a newer machine.  

Troubleshooting: virus checker

If you are still experiencing problems after , try temporarily disabling your virus checker.  Remember not to do anything by test Pirform during the time it is disabled and to also turn it on again immediately you are completed.  

If you notice that Pirform runs better when the virus checker is disabled, consult your virus checker's documentation for how to exclude Pirform from being checks as it works.

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