Downloading using Internet Explorer

Later version of Internet Explorer (IE) issue a warning when downloading Pirform.  This article shows what happens when downloading Pirform using IE.

To download, visit our download page, tick to confirm you agree to the terms and conditions, then click Download Now.  IE will ask whether you want to run or save the installer:



Clicking on Save downloads the installer to your default download location.  After the download is complete, IE runs some security checks and determines that the program is "not commonly downloaded".  As a result, it displays a warning:



You can run the installer at that point by clicking on Run.  Alternatively, you can click on View Downloads and go to the downloads dialog.  From there, right click on the download will allow you to go to the download location and run the program from there:



If you are running Windows 8, then you will unfortunately get another warning when you run the installer.  The following article shows how to install Pirform on Windows 8:

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