Backup and share certificates using your own server

Free online backup

To ensure you don't lose any certificates, we generally recommend that you configure Pirform to use an online backup service such as Dropbox or OneDrive.  This will work well for engineers who are on the road and not connected to the company network.  Read more about how to do that here:

Use your own server

If you have your own server, or other type of network storage then you may prefer to use that to backup and share your Pirform certificates (please also remember that you will need to backup the server if you do this!).    

If you want to do this, then we recommend that you set up a folder for each Pirform licence to use for its backup and certificate sharing.  Your administrator can then apply appropriate access permissions to make sure these are not accidentally overwritten by anyone.  (We recommend giving read/write access to the engineer to whom the licence is assigned, and read rights for other users who may need to view the information.) 

Once the folder is created for the licence, you can configure that copy of Pirform to use the appropriate location.  This article shows how to do that in one step:

For example, in the following image I have set up a folder for each of my two Pirform licences and can see these through a mapped drive:


After selecting this as my root folder for that licence, Pirform will create a number of folders for the various backup and export functions it performs.  You will end up with a folder structure like so:


View the latest certificates

Inside the Automatic Export folder, Pirform will store the latest certificate as an export file and a PDF.  This means that other network users will be able to view certificates without having to import them into a copy of Pirform.  PDF files can be read on many types of devices, such as iPads or Android tablets as well as computers or laptops that have access to the network location.

Folder Setup

If you have multiple engineers, you should use a folder for each Pirform licence to prevent files being overwritten.  You can read more about that in this article:

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