Repairing your database


Only do this if you have been instructed to do so by Pirform Support.  You may lose your certificates if you do not follow these instructions precisely.

[1] Restart your computer

Restart your computer and do not open Pirform until the last stage below.

[2] Download the Pirform Support Tool

Download and run the Pirform Support Tool from the following link:

[3] Backup your data folder

Click the button marked Package Raven Data, as shown below.  This will create a folder on your desktop called Pirform_Support and a file that in that folder whose name name of the file starts with "Pirform-Data-Folder".  Make sure that a file has been created in that folder before continuing.


[4] Repair your database

First, double check that there is a new backup in the location created by the Pirform Support Tool in step 3 above.

Then in the section titled "Repair Raven Database", tick the box to confirm that you have taken a backup and select the repair level that you were asked to do by Pirform Support.  Then click the button marked Repair Pirform Database and follow any instructions from the Pirform Support Tool.



You will be asked to confirm the repair.  Click Yes to continue:


This can take some time.  Wait until you get a message that the process has completed.

If you are performing a "Level 3" repair, then you will see a second confirmation box.  Click Ok to continue:


[5] Start Pirform

After that is complete, start Pirform as normal.  If that hasn't solved the problem, then follow the instructions in the link below to send the log again to Pirform Support:



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