Send us your data folder

This article shows how to package up your data folder and send it to Pirform Support.

[1] Download the Pirform Support Tool

Download and run our Pirform Support Tool from this link:

Note that on later versions of Windows that you may have to unblock the file before it will run by following the instructions here.  You will also need to run the Support Tool as an administrator (right click and select Run as Administrator).

[2] Package data folder

Make sure Pirform is not running and click the button marked Package Raven Data, as shown below.  


This will have created a folder on your desktop called Pirform_Support and placed a file in that folder whose name name of the file starts with "Pirform-Data-Folder".

[3]  Upload the file using Dropbox 

Dropbox is a free file sharing service.  If you don't already have a Dropbox account, then please first sign up for a free Dropbox account here:

After that, follow the instructions below to upload the file from the step above to a Dropbox account:


Once that is uploaded, send us a link to that file in Dropbox so that we can download it.

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