Identify the licence being used

Synchronise with Licence Manager

The name and email of the licence shown in Pirform will match what you set up in your Licence Manager.  Just make sure to send out the licence to the engineer so they can update it in Pirform after you've made changes.  Alternatively, you can update the licence in Pirform over the internet.  Read more about that here:

[Managing your licences](

Identify From the Home Screen

The licence you are using is shown at the bottom right of the Home Screen.  In the image below the licence name is "Sean's Laptop 2" and you can see the email to which it is assigned next to the name.




Also, if you right click over the licence name, you will see a menu that allows you to copy details of the licence to the clipboard.  You can then just paste this into an email.

Identify From Pirform Options

Alternatively, you can go to Pirform Options (from the Home Screen, click File then Pirform Options), then to the Support section and click on Show Licence Code:


You will then see the following screen.  Click Copy to Clipboard and your details will be ready to paste into an email.


If those haven't worked...

If none of the above has worked, then send us the log file from your computer.  The following article shows how to do that even if Pirform won't start:


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