Low spec machine configuration

If you are running Pirform on an older or low power computer, then turning off intelligence update checking, spell checking, auto save, auto export and auto backup features may help Pirform run faster on your computer.  

First open Pirform Options by going to the Home Screen and clicking File and then Pirform Options.

Spell Checking

To turn off spell checking as you type, remove the tick from the spelling option in the General section:


Intelligence Update Checking

To turn off the intelligence update checks, go to the Intelligence section and remove the tick from Check for updates:


If you want to update the intelligence in a certificate, you can do this by clicking Check for Intelligence Updates in the Certificate Options:


Auto Save and Auto Backup

Note: these features help prevent you from losing work.  It is worth trying to turn these off to see if they make a difference.  However, if they do make a difference then it may well be time to upgrade to a faster computer!  If you turn auto backup off then make sure that you take other precautions to backup your certificates.

Go to the Saving and Backup section and remove the tick from the auto save, auto backup and auto export settings:


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