Suppress observations and limitations

If there is an observation in the certificate that you do not want to appear on the report, then you can just delete that observation using the Delete Observation button in the ribbon.  

If you cannot delete the observation then it means that the observation was added by the intelligence. There are two ways to prevent the observation showing in the printed report:

[1] Suppress the intelligence

Click here for further details of suppressing the intelligence.

Please be aware that this will also undo any other changes that the intelligence has made. Also, please only suppress the intelligence if you consider that the particular regulation does not apply in this case.

[2] Suppress the observation

If you tick the box marked Suppress Details for the particular observation and enter no comments then the observation will not appear on the report. Alternatively, if you want to enter your own comments in the comments box, then only these will appear in the printed report.


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