Renew your licence using the website store

This article shows how to renew your licence. 

Before you renew

Renewing a licence will extend it by a year from the date it expires.  If the licence has already expired, it will add a year from today.

If you renew a licence then you will not have to activate it on the computer.  If you buy a new licence then you will need to activate it on the computer you want to use it on.

Renewing your licence

First go to out website store:

If you are not already logged in, then you will need to do that before you can use the store.  You will then see a list showing your existing licences:



Next to each licence, you will see some options that will let you renew that licence or add additional features.  You will also see the price next to the option.  Clicking on the option will add the option you select, update the total of the order and will change the options available for that licence. 

In the picture below, I have renewed a Lite licence.  You can see that the total has been updated on the right.  I now have the option to upgrade it to Premium or to add a bolt on.  In the column on the left you can see that I can remove this choice if I need to.renewed.png


Notice that the price to upgrade to Premium in the image above has been adjusted to account for the money already added in that line.  If you have some time left to run on a licence, then the website will also adjust prices pro-rata for things like upgrades.  You can see this in the last three actions in the picture below:



If you need to buy more licences then use the buttons in the New Licences section, as show below.




Once you're happy with your selections, just click Continue Order to proceed to a payment summary.  Then click Continue to Payment to complete your order.


Please note that can only renew a licence after three months before it expires.  If you don't see any options next to a licence it means that there are no upgrades or renewals available at the time.

Read more about upgrading a licence here.

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