Changing how certificate numbers are generated

Pirform lets you change the way certificate numbers are generated and you can do this for each type of certificate individually.


The certificate number is made up of a number of sections, joined together by a separator.  All of these are optional and if you leave them blank the Pirform will ignore them.  Let's look at the example certificate number in the image above:


This is built up like so:

prefix + separator + date section + separator + number

In our example certificate number, the prefix is "EIC", the separator is "-", the date section is "yyyyMM" and the number is 142 and is padded out to 4 characters.  (The date section says "four digit year then two digit month", more on this later.)

You can see in the image above that you can change each of these and you can do that for each certificate type individually.  The following shows some examples of what changing each section will do:

What has been changed The new certificate number
Change prefix to XXX XXX-201210-0142
Change separator to / EIC/201210/0142
Change number to 1 EIC-201210-0001
Change number length to 6  EIC-201210-000142
Change number length to 0 EIC-201210-142
Change number length to 0 and number to 1  EIC-201210-1
Change date section to yyMM EIC-1210-0142
Change date section to MMM-yyyy EIC-Oct-2012-0142

Date Formats

 The date format section deserves a bit more explanation.  You can type anything you like into this section, but some characters are used to tell Pirform to use build up the certificate number using the current date.  The default is "yyyyMM", which says to use the four digit year and a two character month.  There are a number of values that you can use in this section, but generally you should stick to the using part of the year, month and day.  These work as follows.

Format   Description  Example
yyyy The year as a four-digit number. 2012
yy The year, from 00 to 99. 12
MM The month, from 01 through 12. 06, 10
M The month, from 1 through 12. 6, 10
MMM The abbreviated name of the month. Jun, Oct
MMMM The full name of the month. June, October 
HH The hour, using a 24-hour clock from 00 to 23.   01, 13
H The hour, using a 24-hour clock from 0 to 23. 1, 13
dd The day of the month, from 01 through 31. 01, 15
d The day of the month, from 1 through 31. 1, 15
ddd The abbreviated name of the day of the week. Mon
dddd The full name of the day of the week. Monday

You can also use plain text in between these, such as in the example above where we used MMM-yyyy to get Oct-2012.

There are a number of other values that you can use to get Pirform to use other parts of the date and time.  If you have special requirements or are having problems getting the date format you want, just drop an email to our Help Desk ( and we'll help you to achieve what you need.

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