Split a file into smaller parts

If you want to email or upload a large file, it can be easier to first break that file into smaller chunks.  You can do that with the Pirform Support Tool by following the instructions below:

[1]  Download the Support Tool

Download and run our Support Tool (note on later versions of Windows that you may have to unblock the file before it will run by following the instructions here).  Download and then run the Support Tool from this link:


[2]  Split the File

Click on the button marked Split a File for Emailing and select the file you want to split.  Note that the tool allows you to specify the size of the file if you want to, but generally the default value will be fine.


[3]  Send the chunks

The Support Tool will put the chunks onto your Desktop in a folder called Pirform_Support.  Will then need to email or upload each of the files you find in that folder.









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