Re-run Raven Upgrade

[1] Backup if needed

If Pirform is running, then it's worth taking a backup of your certificate data before you start and keep this in a safe place. Instructions are here:

[2] Get the Support Tool

Download and run our Support Tool from this link:

Note that on later versions of Windows that you may have to unblock the file before it will run by following the instructions here.

[3] Remove Raven data folder

Click the button marked Remove Raven Data Folder.  Click Yes when asked to confirm the action.


Optional - Prevent Importing Previous Certificates

If Pirform detects the previous version on your computer, it will import your certificates from that version.  If you do not want to import your certificates from the previous version, click the button marked Prevent Import From Previous Version and confirm when prompted.  After you have done that, you can turn it back on again if needed.  Note that this button will be disabled if the previous version is not detected on your computer.

[4]  Restart and get latest

Restart your computer and then download and install the latest version of Pirform from our website here:

[5]  Run Pirform

Run Pirform and it will then run the upgrade your from your previous version again.

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