Send Pirform log file

If Pirform is running on your computer, then you can get it to send your log files over automatically.  If it's not running then you will need to download our Support Tool and then attach the log file to an email.  Please follow the relevant section below to send us your log file. 

Pirform will run on your computer (including in Safe Mode)

If Pirform will start up on your computer - including running in Safe Mode - then open Pirform, click File and then click Pirform Options:



Go to the Support section on the left of the options dialog and click the button marked "Send Log File" and then click yes when asked to confirm.


If Pirform was not able to connect to the internet to send the error report (such as when your firewall is preventing Pirform from accessing the internet) then please follow the instructions in the next section to send us your log file.

Pirform will not run on your computer

If Pirform will not start on your computer, then you will need to find your log file and attach it to an email.  Then first download and run our Support Tool from the following link:

Then click on the button marked Package Log File:



This will package up your log file and put it into a folder on your desktop called Pirform_Support.  It will then open the folder and show you the log file:  



Just attach that file to an email and send it to

Alternative: find the log file using Windows Explorer

You can also use Windows Explorer to find the log file.  To do this, just click on My Computer - or if you're using Windows 8 then press the Windows key and E together - then type or copy/paste the following into the address bar:



Then just press Enter on your keyboard or click the Go arrow.  This will take you to the folder where you'll find the file called PIRFORM.LOG..

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