Merging certificates

Sometimes you will need to copy boards and observations from one certificate to another.  For example, when another engineer who is working on the same job sends their certificate to you and you need to add the boards into main certificate.  You may also just want to copy boards from one certificate to another.

Pirform lets you copy boards and their observations from one or more certificates into another certificate.  We call this merging the boards and observations.  Read on to see how this works.  

Select the target certificate

To start, go to the Home Screen and select the certificate that you want to add boards and observations into (create it first if you need to).  Then click Merge Boards and Observations in the Create Certificate button:



Select certificates

This will start up the Merge Certificate Wizard which will lead you through the process.  The next step is to select the certificate or certificates whose boards you want to merge.  Then you have selected the certificates, click Next to continue:


Select boards

You then get to select one or more of the boards from the certificates in the previous step.  When you have selected the boards, click Next to continue.


Renames and replacements

Pirform makes sure that it does not add a board that has the same designation as one that is already in the target certificate.  It also remembers the boards and observations that you have already merged into the target certificate and will replace them if you merge them again (maybe the other engineer has sent you an updated certificate after you have already done a merge).

If there are renames or replacements, you will be shown them before you proceed, but this step is skipped if there are none.

As you can see below, Pirform will give the boards a designation that shows the certificate where it came from.  You can change the designation to something else here, or you can change it later in the target certificate.  

Once you have changed the designations and checked any replacements, click Next to continue.


Review and merge

The last step is to review the changes that are going to be made.  If you want to change anything, click back to return to a previous step.  Once you are happy, click on Merge Certificates and Pirform will merge the boards and observations that you have selected previously in to the target certificate.  The target certificate will then be opened for you to view and save when you are ready.  If you do not save the certificate, then no changes will have been made.


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