Unsaved circuit values

At the end of Friday 17th February, 2012, we discovered a bug in PIRform that can cause intelligence to not be applied when it should.  This bug resulted in circuit values not being properly recorded, causing the intelligence to not be applied.

The problem affects circuit wiring type, reference method and OPD BS values.  The problem only happens when these values are entered in the following manner:

  • Select the cell and type the required value on the keyboard (e.g. "A" for wiring type).
  • Immediately press the Tab key to enter the value and leave the cell.
If you use the mouse or up/down arrows to select the value then everything works as it should.  This problem only affects PIRform 2011.3.549 (the last released version at time of writing).
PIRform versions later than PIRform 2011.3.549 contain a fix that will automatically repair any affected certificates when they are next opened.  If the fix changes any intelligence applied to the certificate then PIRform will ask the user to review the changes and save the certificate.  If no intelligence is changed then the fixed certificate is automatically saved without informing the user.
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