Working with shorter screen resolutions

If your screen is not very tall, then you will be able to see less of the certificate on the screen at any one time, which will make it less easy to work with.  Below are some of the ways you can make working on shorter screens easier.

Automatic Scrollbars

When the height of the form is bigger than the available space on the screen, Pirform automatically adds scroll bars to let you scroll to areas that are not shown.  This is similar to how a web page operates in a browser.  You can see this below:



Tab Key

When entering data, you can pressing the Tab key to move to the next field in the certificate.  When you do this PIRform will automatically scroll so that the field is in view.  This makes it easier for people who prefer to use keyboards rather than their mouse.

Hide Ribbon

The ribbon is the area at the top of PIRform screens that has the buttons that let you do things.



You can hide this ribbon to get more screen space.  To hide the ribbon, press and hold the Ctrl key, then press the F1 key and then let go of both keys.  To make it come back again press Ctrl + F1 again.  Compare the two screenshots in the links below which show an EICR on a 1366x768 resolution screen:

Ribbon showing

Ribbon minimised

As you can see, this tip lets you see more of the certificate when space is tight.

Hide Board Characteristics

When you are working with the circuits in PIRform, you you can hide the board characteristics area to give you more space.  Just click the chevrons next to the Board Characteristics or Test Instruments titles, as shown below.


When you combine this with the hide ribbon tip mentioned above, this really does help working with boards with large numbers of circuits on smaller resolution screens.  Click here to see this in action on a 1366x768 resolution screen.  

You can also use the tab key to move between cells in the circuit grid and the grid will scroll down automatically for you.


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