Can I run Pirform on a Mac?

Whilst Pirform is designed for Windows, it is possible to run it on hardware Mac in two ways.  

Boot Camp

The first way is to dual boot the Mac with OS X and Windows using Apple's Boot Camp utility that ships with Snow Leopard and above. You can read more about this here:

Virtual Machine

The second option is to use a Windows virtual machine on your Mac. This is software that runs inside of OS X. Two examples which our users have used successfully are Parallels and VMware Fusion.

These are commercial products and you buy the product and support from the supplier.  There is another virtual machine that is free of charge and which will allow you to install and run Windows on your Mac.  That is Oracle Virtual Box.  The following article shows how to use this:


At this time it is not possible to run PIRform on the iPad, although we do have plans to produce a copy of the software what will run on the iPad in the future.


If you use a virtual machine to run Windows inside OS X you will effectively have two operating systems running on your Mac.  This will make the Mac work harder and will reduce the performance of Pirform.  Using Apple's Boot Camp will allow you to run Windows on your Mac

In either case, we recommend that you use Windows 7 or above for the best experience with Pirform.

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    Hi Nigel

    You can use Pirform on tablets that run a full version of Windows, but not Windows RT.  However, Pirform is not designed for touch interfaces, the best experience being using a keyboard and mouse.

    Best regards


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    Nigel Moore

    If I have a windows tablet can I run perform on it?

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