Schedule of Items Inspected

Page 4 (Schedule of Items Inspected) is essentially a checklist of items that need to be inspected during the inspection.
Some of the items won't apply to every installation, and so N/A should be selected for these items.
Some items are so rarely used, that we default them to N/A every time you open a new certificate, but you can change them if they apply.

The purpose of this page, is to ask the electrician have they inspected an item, and does it PASS or FAIL.

For instance, if the electrician found the polarity to be incorrect, he would select FAIL in the polarity checkbox.

This will then automatically generate a pre-written observation on Page 2, with the correct Regulation number.


This is a little generic, so the person filling out the report will have the opportunity to add a few comments of their own to explain where the polarity failure occurred. 


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