How to add boards/submains

Adding boards and assigning sub mains in PIRform is simple.

The first step is to add however many boards to the installation by clicking the add board button.


Once you have add the boards, you can arrange the boards in one go by using the Manage Boards button.
This allows you to rename boards, assign submains, select an engineer for each board, and set the date when each board was tested. There is no need to move between boards, it can all be done from here.


Select the circuit you wish to assign a submain to, click the arrow in the supply column.
When the window opens, you will be presented with a list of all the boards in the installation, and the circuits for each board.

For simplicity, we will select DB1-1 as the supply to DB2


We have now created a submain without having to go to DB1 at all!


Using the Board navigator window, go back to DB1.




Any circuit details that are related to the supply to DB2, will now be carried across to the board characteristics 

t_ab_circuit characteristics.png


The board characteristics are now displayed as part of DB2



The board manager is a very useful tool, and speeds up the process of assigning boards to circuits. It also provides a quick glance look to check that all boards have been assigned to circuits, and if any information has been left out, such as the engineer or date.

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