Setting maximum Zs preferences

Pirform allows you to change the maximum permissible values of Zs.  When Pirform installs for the first time, these values are set to the following:

EICR, PIR and Visual Condition reports - 80%
Electrical Installation Certificate - 100%
Minor Works Certificate - 100%

Changing the default setting

To change these default settings for every certificate and report you create, do the following:

Open PIRform options

file tab2.png


Then select Max Zs and change the settings as you require


Changing the settings for one certificate

You can change this setting for an individual certificate whilst you're working on it.

Note: Changing the settings whilst editing a certificate will change ALL the maximum Zs values in that certificate.

To change the setting for a particular certificate, open the certificate, then click File and Certificate Options, then change the setting shown below:



Allowing manual entry

 To set up Pirform to allow manual max Zs values to be entered, go into certificate options, then tick the box under the Max Zs section to allow changes.  You will then be able to enter max Zs values against circuits.



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