Working with report packs


Pirform has a flexible system of "report packs" that give different options to the way certificates are printed.  The standard Pirform report pack allows you to select one of four standard colours for your certificates.  You can change the colour at any time using the colour control on the certificate:



The ELECSA and ECA Editions of Pirform come with ELECSA and ECA approved reports built in.  To select the report you want you just select the "report pack" option.  These report packs do not let you change the colour of the reports and will add the appropriate association logo automatically.


Setting the report pack for a new certificate

When you open a new certificate, the New Certificate dialog lets you select the report pack you want to use:


To save doing that each time, you can set the default report pack from Pirform Options.  On the Home Screen, click File then Pirform Options, then go to the Printing section.  You can see this below:


Change the report pack for an existing certificate

You can change the report pack for an existing certificate at any time.  Open the certificate and then click File and Certificate Options.  You can then select the report pack you want as shown here:


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