Install or repair the Dotnet Framework 4.8

Pirform needs a component from Microsoft to be installed on your PC.  This component is called the Microsoft .NET Framework.  Some PCs come with this component already installed, some need to have it installed.

The Pirform installer will check that this component is installed and attempt to install it for you.  If you need to install it manually or repair it, then please follow the instructions below.  If this is already installed, choose the repair option when installing.

Before proceeding, please make sure Windows is up to date (using Windows Update), then close all programs and restart your computer. 

Save the Installer

When you download a file, your browser will ask if you want to save or run it.  Please make sure you choose the save option and then run the file when it's downloaded to your PC.

Web Installer

This is a small initial download that then checks your PC and then only downloads the installers for the components that are not already on your PC.

Full Installer

This is a larger initial download but all the components that may be needed are included with it.  Try this one if you have problems with the Web Installer.


If you cannot run the installers above, then it may be that your PC needs to have Windows Installer 3.1 or later installed on it.  You can get this from here:

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