Choosing between Pirform Lite and Pirform Premium

Pirform has two licence options: Pirform Lite and Pirform Premium.  This article will help you choose which is suitable for you.

Pirform Lite is designed for individuals who work on their own and do not regularly issue certificates or reports.

Pirform Premium is designed for engineers who work with other engineers or companies and/or who regularly issue certificates or reports.

  Pirform Lite Pirform Premium
Issuing Issues only a small number of reports or certificates. Regularly issues reports or certificates.
Collaboration  Does not collaborate with other engineers. Collaborates with other engineers or companies.
Work Type Domestic or small commercial jobs. Less than 5 boards. Works on jobs with large numbers of boards.
Review Does not have their work reviewed. Certificates are reviewed by another engineer.

The differences between the two editions are shown in the following table.  

  Pirform Lite Pirform Premium
Licensing Licensed to the computer. Licensed to the computer.
Complimentary Licence  None. Your first licence comes with a complimentary licence that remains free for the life of the first licence [1].
BS 7671 Certificates

Electrical Installation Condition Report
Electrical Installation Certificate
Minor Works

Electrical Installation Condition Report
Electrical Installation Certificate
Minor Works

BS 5266 Certificates None Emergency Lighting - Large Installation
Emergency Lighting - Small Installation
BS 5839 Certificates None Fire Alarm - Design
Fire Alarm - Installation
Fire Alarm - Commissioning
Fire Alarm - Acceptance
Fire Alarm - Verification
Fire Alarm - Inspection & Servicing
Fire Alarm - Modification
Photos in Certificates None Photos can be included in the 18th Edition EICR
Certificate Sharing None Exports and imports certificates to and from files which can be sent by email.
Automatic Backup Backs up whole database when program closes.
Retains multiple days, weeks and month backup files.
All Lite features.
Automatic export of individual certificates after modification [2].
Automatic PDF Generation None Automatic export of certificates after modification.
Dropbox Online Backup Whole database backups.

Whole database backups.
Individual certificate data and PDF files.


[1] - This allows you to use the program on two computers, such as a site laptop and an office computer.
[2] - Especially useful if combined with the Dropbox online backup feature.

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